What exactly is an express car wash?  

Well, have you have ever been frustrated by the amount of time you have had to wait for your car to be done at a full serve carwash? Have you have ever gotten in your car after paying top dollar at your local full serve only to be disappointed because you see places they missed while cleaning? Do you ever just need to get those water spots, dirt, or bugs off your car, but don't have time or don't need to sit and wait for a full exterior and interior cleaning?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Matt's Express Carwash is for you! 

Express carwashes provide you with an opportunity to get the highest quality of exterior car wash, in the quickest amount of time, at a price you can afford. Plus, at Matt's we will have central vacuums that will be free to use at all times!  

We know that once you try our express car wash, you will be hooked! Please visit us  and stayed tuned for updates and more information.  

We hope to see you soon!